Maraging Partners


About us

Diversity and complexity of the financial derivatives calls for specialist expertise when creating exclusive strategies of currency risk hedging. Our clients, real economy businesses, benefit from our consultancy services helping them develop and execute such strategies. We create value for our clients by suggesting efficient instruments and by exploiting opportunities for excessive risk-adjusted returns, timing portfolio allocation on a quantitative, algorithmic and discretionary basis.

Maraging Partners is a team with a unique composition of skills and professional backgrounds. Looking at the global markets through the optics of expert analysis and the scientific method, we are able to find and implement novel solutions to the problem of currency risk management and alpha generation.

Independence of our employee-owned company from the influence of financial intermediaries aligns our interests with those of our clients. Recognizing an opportunity to start a financial consultancy business in Russia from scratch, we start where it all began by upholding the ethical standards of gentleman banking.

Maraging Partners LLC was founded in 2011. Our top priority is earning a solid reputation among our clients.